[Bf-committers] SpacePilot Pro doesn't pan

Andreas Galster andreas_galster at hotmail.de
Sat Aug 13 14:24:16 CEST 2011

I just tried my SpacePilot Pro in Blender (Revision 39351). 
Unfortunately panning doesn't seem to work correct?
I'm not getting any panning in Blender, however in Cinema 4D it works.
So it has to be an issue with Blender/drivers/setup, not the hardware itself.

I downloaded the latest SpacePilot driver for 64 Bit. Any suggestions? 
I'm also wondering how to get the Blender 3D mouse menu back, that opens when you press the MENU button. 
After I installed the drivers, pressing the MENU button opens the 3Dx menu. How do I assign the Blender 3D mouse menu to the MENU button again?

Andreas Galsters

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