[Bf-committers] Exposing Tool Settings - issue with 2.5x

Mike Erwin significant.bit at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 16:02:28 CEST 2011

> Also interested in feedback on the NDof UI and how best to re-arrange.

Although the options exposed in the popup menu do need to be tweaked
to make more sense, I stand by my choice of putting these here instead
of in the Input pane of User Prefs.

1) Users without a 3D mouse are not bothered with settings that don't
affect them
2) Options are context-specific, for whichever space type is active
3) Settings can be changed on the fly, without interruption to work flow

None of the 300 or so test users have indicated confusion or annoyance
with this setup, so why must it be rearranged?

> A more general issue with how we expose tool setting, I noticed in the
> recent NDof commits.
> It exposes user preferenes in the view3d toolbar.
> See: space_view3d.py -> layout.prop(input_prefs, "ndof_sensitivity")
> The operator to interactively adjust the sensitivity is also modifying
> a user preference.
> IMHO this should either have the buttons moved to the user preferences
> Input UI or move the internal data to scene->toolsettings.
> Currently its confusing to adjust some settings in the toolbar and not
> save them with the blend.

Sensitivity and all ndof flags are saved in the blend (hopefully in a
separate user prefs file soon). U.ndof_sensitivity is adjusted with
operators because it is a user setting and it must be adjusted on the
fly, in response to buttons on the device and the slider you see in
the UI. This variable does have an RNA wrapper, but it seemed to me
quicker to just use the underlying DNA data. Is there a better way to
do this?

Mike Erwin
musician, naturalist, pixel pusher, hacker extraordinaire

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