[Bf-committers] Proposal: Canvas compositing

michael williamson michaelw at cowtoolsmedia.co.uk
Tue Aug 2 19:03:18 CEST 2011

On 02/08/11 16:27, j.bakker at atmind.nl wrote:
>   - Positionable input nodes (data can be positioned/scaled/rotated on the
> canvas)
>   - Backdrop handles (interactive handles on the backdrop)
Looks really cool and presumably easier than current transform nodes...

As a dual screen user I'd question why this has to be "just" the 
backdrop of the node editor...
Image editor or perhaps movie clip editors would seem to be candidates 
for this....
Especially if matte/mask creation is to be added at some point (drawn 
masks especially)

If render layers have the render size from their scenes and canvas gets 
its render size from the scene that contains it then I wonder where a 
problem might arise?
Why does the canvas need to be different than the render size?  If i 
need it to be different i can have the composite in a separate scene to 
the renderlayer...

If it must be separate then a "set rendersize from canvas" or set canvas 
to rendersize operator would surely fit the bill?

I'm assuming the rotation, translation and scale relative to the canvas 
will all be exposed somewhere... (it sounds like your adding this data 
to the render layer node itself, so should be exposed so it can be 
driven by node input, animated, receive numeric input etc....

What does this mean for the current pan and zoom of backgrounds in the 
compositor?  (always a bit of an invisible function in my book, being 
keyboard shortcut only)   given the onscreen widgets for the canvas, are 
they to set the canvas size (probably only needed once per session) or 
to pan and zoom? (used constantly)  Obvioulsy if the canvas is in 
another/its own space type then you can use standard 2d view nav.

Maybe the node editor could get modes like the sequencer?  viewer, nodes 
or combined?

I'd still argue that the idea of transform nodes isn't bad for 
additional animation  (say you make a "sub comp" as a node group and 
want to animate the transform of the whole result....

Anyway, these are just some initial thoughts!

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