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Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Mon Aug 1 17:36:55 CEST 2011

Hi Xavier,

You might want to check on older docs we wrote about all of this.
Like here: (messy!)

Matt wrote a very nice summary of what he intended to work sofar:

Before any coding works continues, I'd prefer to have a good top level  
design doc in place first. This both on end-user level (how to  
interact with color data) as on technical design level (how this data  
works, flows, gets stored).

Once that's fully clear we can discuss code and implementation much  

I realize it's easier for an experienced Blender coder to write it out  
though... :)
My preference is also to keep it as simple as possible. Color theory  
in itself is more than complex enough already. We can make practical  
choices what to do really well, and where we restrict ourselves to.  
For me Blender remains a 3D creation program first; for that target we  
should fit perfect in studio color pipelines. Another target would be  
to ensure video/film/photography in/out works.



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On 31 Jul, 2011, at 4:34, Xavier Thomas wrote:

> I guys,
> I began working on using openColorIO inside blender for color  
> management.
> I laid all the ground work:
> -integrate ocio sources in extern
> -add a C API
> -add BKE_colormanagement to manage the pipeline (init, exit, RNA  
> helpers
> ...)
> https://github.com/thmxv
> Now should come the heavy work, ie integrating all this into the  
> blender
> pipeline.
> I already placed a few call to this "back-end" into the sources but  
> only as
> a test:
> - use the BKE_colormanagement into divers.c to convert 8bit srgb to  
> 32bit
> float linear (colorspace names are still hard coded tough)
> - use the main API and the RNA helpers to add Display selector
> (one color-managed display per wmWindow) and View selector
> (one color-managed view per SpaceImage)
> So basically lots of works but nothing yet to test for the end user.  
> However
> I would appreciate if other devs with more insight on the blender  
> internal
> could do a quick review to see if nothing is fundamentally broken in  
> those
> bases.
> Hopefully more later.
> Xavier
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