[Bf-committers] Build problem for X64

Damir Prebeg blend.factory at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 14:13:04 CEST 2010

Hi Nathan,

> Since I'm using VC++ 2008 Express, I've had to add 'amd64' in
> supported_arch
> > list at line 235 in file
> > scons\scons-local-1.2.0.d20090223\SCons\Tool\MSCommon\vs.py
> > (supported_arch=['x86', 'amd64'])
> No idea why you have to do this, maybe because you use the express
> version of vc++ 2008? (And I didn't know it even supported 64bit
> compiling, I thought only vc++ 2010 express did that).
I had to add amd64 because scons looks in that list what compiler supports.
If it finds Express then scons exits before even tries to compile Blender.
Officially VC++ 2008 Express doesn't like x64 and OPENMP but I have
figured out how to enable support for both. Now, with help of cmake I can
build 32 or 64bit but only from VC++ IDE since scons throws me those linking

> Make sure you use the correct Python version:
> * use the latest 32bit Python 2.6.x install to build 32bit Blender
> * use the latest 64bit Python 2.6.x install to build 64bit Blender
> If you don't you'll still run into linking problems.

Yes, I have and use 64bit python 2.6.6

> > Not related with this problem to this, about a week a go (before I've
> tried
> > to compile 64bit) I've started to have problems with 32 bit builds in
> VC++
> > IDE because some files in ffmpeg libs are missing (libfaac-0.dll,
> > libfaad-2.dll, libmp3lame-0.dll, libx264-67.dll and xvidcore.dll)
> Make sure you have updated your lib/windows and lib/win64 checkouts.
> I've updated our FFMPEG dependencies.
Files libfaac-0.dll, libfaad-2.dll, libmp3lame-0.dll, libx264-67.dll and
xvidcore.dll are still missing in repositories.

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