[Bf-committers] Loopcut - why change select mode when in face select mode?

(Ry)akiotakis (An)tonis kalast at gmail.com
Sun Sep 26 11:30:22 CEST 2010

OK, I get it it's a macro definition problem. Each operator does its
own cleanup so defining two operators operating in different selection
modes in a macro is a problem.

In my opinion this is not how it should be since MESH_OT_loopcut_slide
is a concrete operation by itself, indicated by the fact that you have
to do the selection mode switch internally in ringsel_finish (Actually
the mode switch should be in the macro if there was a clean separation
between cut and slide in my opinion). So why not use the ole
CutEdgeSlide function as a callback?

The problem would be solved if we could save and restore state as an
operator thus making it possible to do it dynamically in a macro but
implementing that is quite a task by itself I guess.

Then the macro would be something like:

-store selection mode
-set edge selection mode
-edge slide
-restore selection mode

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