[Bf-committers] Accessing post-modifier datablocks

Tom Edwards t_edwards at btinternet.com
Sat Sep 25 13:06:34 CEST 2010

  Thanks, that's what I needed. Perhaps a more searchable name would 
help others. ;-)

On 24/09/2010 4:14, Campbell Barton wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 24, 2010 at 1:48 PM, Tom Edwards<t_edwards at btinternet.com>  wrote:
>>   I'm writing an export script, and since the target format does not
>> support an object/data model I need what I export to match what is
>> displayed on-screen. My problem is that datablocks provide incomplete
>> data, as object settings like transformation and modifiers are naturally
>> not applied to them.
>> I've been able to bake object transformations, but applying modifiers
>> fails if a mesh object has shape keys (as my script's often do). The
>> message is "Modifier cannot be applied to Mesh with Shape Keys", and I
>> can't think of a way around it.
>> Blender needs to properly support exporting to simple formats, and the
>> data needed exists: I can see it in the 3D View. An accessor is called
>> for, something like object.data_modified, to a read-only datablock
>> instance scaled, rotated, mirrored etc. to be as it appears to the user.
>> Thanks.
> Excuse the brief reply,
> http://www.blender.org/documentation/blender_python_api_2_54_0/bpy.types.Object.html?highlight=create_mesh#bpy.types.Object.create_mesh
> Example Usage: ./release/scripts/op/io_mesh_ply/export_ply.py:55:
>    mesh = obj.create_mesh(scene, True, 'PREVIEW')
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