[Bf-committers] Super-sampling and anti-aliasing

Tevhadij Shwejpoi tevhadij at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 23:07:32 CEST 2010

Hi Bassam,

> I think the problem is with using nodes for textures, IIRC they are not
> supersampled, you need to use non-nodal texture, unfortunately there is
> no checker one! perhaps a Marble or Wood texture with no noise and
> sufficiently hard ramp would work?

The problem with using something other than a checkerboard is that it
is much harder to produce equivalent results in other programs, and it
is much harder agree on what the resulting images should look like. :(

I tried using pluggins (there is a "tiles" pluggin) on Blender 2.49b
but the result is also strange:


I don't know what the "sprinkle noise" is and it doesn't seem like the
texture coordinates are being respected close to the horizon.

I will look into the wood idea, but I would love to have a checkerboard. :)

Kind regards,

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