[Bf-committers] Super-sampling and anti-aliasing

Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at pandora.be
Tue Sep 21 23:00:33 CEST 2010

On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 10:24 PM, Bassam Kurdali
<bkurdali at freefactory.org> wrote:
> Hi Tevhadij
>> plane covered by a checkerboard texture (created using nodes).
>>   http://www.pasteall.org/blend/3728
>> available, renderings look as though the procedural texture is being
>> sampled only once per pixel. Is this the case? If so, how can I change
>> this? Here are sample renderings:
> I think the problem is with using nodes for textures, IIRC they are not
> supersampled, you need to use non-nodal texture, unfortunately there is
> no checker one! perhaps a Marble or Wood texture with no noise and
> sufficiently hard ramp would work?

Using the "Full Oversampling" option on the material should make it
compute the full shading/texturing for each subpixel sample.


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