[Bf-committers] Python access for UV mapping

Mathew Burrack mburrack at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 14 08:41:02 CEST 2010

> Dan Eicher posted:
> Couldn't you just toss the function declaration into RE_shader_ex.h with a
> pretty name like void RE_do_2d_mapping()?

I don't know, can I? lol I guess that was my point, I have no idea what the simple/proper/correct method of doing something like this is.

Although, having a Python function added to MaterialTextureSlot seems more appropriate, since you need an MTex pointer for the do_2d_mapping call to make sense. (Unless that's what RE_do_2d_mapping() would be? :~)

I've managed to stumble through so far how to add a function method declaration to rna_material.c, the only downside is the very messy #include and the extern declarations necessary to get to do_2d_mapping(), which is what I'm looking to fix with a more "proper" inter-library call. 

(P.S. what's the proper method of replying to posts on here? I don't seem to get e-mails with them, and if I just post with the same subject, it seems to create separate threads on the archives?)


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