[Bf-committers] Which IDE is best for develop Blender on Windows

raulf at info.upr.edu.cu raulf at info.upr.edu.cu
Fri Sep 10 14:59:27 CEST 2010

@Pacific and Xavier

   Thanks for your repplies :)

  Yesterday I manage to compile Blender on VC++ 2005 and Cmake after lots
of library issues

   At last, and the IDE is so much confortable than SourceNavigator.

                                            Cheers  Farsthary

> Hello
>   Perhaps this question have raised a million times, I don't want a flame
> wars about preferences, just simple advices.
>  Now that I'm spending lot of time in Blender is time to think about the
> ergonomics of my development that could impact also my productivity, so
> far I have being using SourceNavigator as an IDE and compiling with
> Scons.
>   SourceNavigator is a great tool for making searches in the code (hence
> its name ;) ) but is so 80's and after several levels of searches you
> easily could get lost and comeback is dificult. Also, compiling outside
> the IDE make tracking bugs a 10x more time consuming that should be in a
> full IDE and I could not make use of debugger also :|
>   so, what compiling enviroment do you suggest me?
>   I could use VS 2005 but the projectfiles that Cmake generates me always
> cause me some troubles (I would prefer this if I manage to compile on
> it)
>   CodeBlocks also fill my needs to perform extensive code seraches but
> again, I get libraries troubles, even if they are there O_O!
>   I once use Qt IDE but I could not perform extensive search on it....
>  what about DevC++ and others?
>                                            cheers and thanks in advance
> Farsthary
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