[Bf-committers] Blender Foundation Development team - report 35

Nathan Letwory nathan at blender.org
Sun Sep 5 04:17:35 CEST 2010

Hi all,

Our team of Janne, Campbell, Diego and I have started our work on the
bug tracker and other duties assigned.

For handling the tracker we've had a short discussion on how to approach
this. The following summary will serve as our guideline, and I hope by
communicating it here it also will help the rest of our developers and
users to be able to help to their best of abilities:

* React to new reports in a day, at least with assigning or some
comment. We'll see in the coming week(s) how we manage.
* If reporters don't respond in a week on request for comments: close
* Move issues to our todo on wiki if they are clear candidates for that.
Please check out our current
http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:2.5/Source/Development/Todo of
what to expect. When reporting a bug, it would be nice to check from
here too. For this I've added a 'todo' resolution status to indicate
this. Note that this list also functions as a means to other(, new)
developers to look for tasks and create patches for those.
* If a bug fixing attempt looks like it needs more than a day time, ask
other developers/code owners for their help: don't waste time too much
on one report (but ultimately all reports should be solved one way or
* Bugs for code with clear code owners will be assigned to them.

There are probably not many differences to what we've done before, most
notably the closing of bugs to move to todo, and probably a more
rigorous closing policy on bugs that don't see activity from reporters.

I'll make a habit out of reporting our weekly work, this being the first
- and late at that :)

Summary for week 35:
Not much to tell yet, but:
* Janne Karhu has been busy fixing many particle related bugs. All
particle related bugs are assigned too.
* Campbell has been working on the RNA and fixing bugs.
* I have been going over our tracker, also looking at older reports and
been fixing bugs and closing reports.

Some stats since September 1st until time of writing:

        2010-09-01: campbellbarton closed 1 issues
        2010-09-01: broken closed 1 issues
        2010-09-01: jhk closed 2 issues
        2010-09-01: jesterking closed 7 issues
        2010-09-01: nazgul closed 1 issues
----- total 12 bugs close. New bugs for this day: 13
        2010-09-02: jesterking closed 2 issues
        2010-09-02: jhk closed 8 issues
        2010-09-02: campbellbarton closed 5 issues
        2010-09-02: dingto closed 1 issues
        2010-09-02: blendix closed 1 issues
----- total 17 bugs close. New bugs for this day: 21
        2010-09-03: blendix closed 3 issues
        2010-09-03: jhk closed 11 issues
        2010-09-03: jesterking closed 22 issues
        2010-09-03: dfelinto closed 2 issues
----- total 38 bugs close. New bugs for this day: 15
        2010-09-04: dingto closed 1 issues
        2010-09-04: jesterking closed 5 issues
        2010-09-04: schlaile closed 1 issues
----- total 7 bugs close. New bugs for this day: 8

I have posted some more stats on my blog, if you're interested in them:

Links for Janne and Campbell updates:
* http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/User:Jhk



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