[Bf-committers] 2.55 beta AHOY!

Mike S blenderdev at mikes.id.au
Sat Oct 30 04:29:48 CEST 2010

On 29/10/10 5:26 AM, Damien Plisson wrote:
> Done for the three OSX releases.
> Just note that they still include Python 3.1.1 as the lib builder has encountered issues with building the 3.1.2 (it mainly caused problems with the BGE).
> Damien

Hi Damien,

OK confused now.... Nathan has said on IRC that he uses python 3.12 
source tarball for python build (windows I think).  I have compiled 3.12 
from source for OSX with the one patch for the xmlrpc fix::

" Oh, and if you bundle Python on your platform, please apply patch 
found in http://bugs.python.org/issue9991, that'll save us some bug 
reports on XMLRPC HTTPS support. "

And this compiles ok as a lib (all 4 arch) and with blender. I dont use 
the game engine...so is the problem with game engine after build 
(playing games) or during the build process?


> Le 27 oct. 2010 à 13:53, Nathan Letwory a écrit :
>> Hash: SHA1
>> Hi release builders!
>> Over 340 bugfixes and more than 760 commits to trunk/ since 2.54 beta.
>> I've committed new splash, bumped versions and danced the tagging dance.
>> Please checkout tags/blender-2.55-release at r32738 and start your
>> building engines. Notify me when you have your builds ready.
>> Note: make sure you build against Python 3.1.2 and for OpenCOLLADA use
>> r771 or later from their SVN.
>> Note2: see Note
>> /Nathan

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