[Bf-committers] compositor defocus node

Jeroen Bakker j.bakker at atmind.nl
Sat Oct 23 15:18:54 CEST 2010

On 10/23/2010 12:49 PM, Lars Krueger wrote:
>> Hi Lars,
>> I have read the document, but it is really into using defocus in games.
>> Perhaps a feature request for BGE  :).  They do some tricks that will
> Where is the problem with having an algo from a game in the Blender renderer? It only means they thought about getting it fast enough for real-time. I fail to see what is bad with fast code in the Blender renderer. If you're worried about having CUDA in the renderer, I guess there isn't much to it to rewrite it in plain C. Won't be real-time anymore, though.
Hi Lars, I have no problem in using game algorithms in the compositor. 
But there is a difference between the requirements of a game-engine and 
render-engine. Most of them are trade-off between speed and realism.

The "Area of influence" in animation film situations can be very large. 
The blur is not always regular (type of blur). and the blur-method have 
hard edges. see Sintel (8:08-8:11). Due to these camera realism the 
current defocus node can take a very long time to calculate.

I do think that some parts can be calculated faster, but the end result 
should always be the same.


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