[Bf-committers] OpenCollada & SVN

Benjamin Tolputt btolputt at internode.on.net
Sat Oct 23 11:01:32 CEST 2010

On 23/10/2010 7:19 PM, Damien Plisson wrote:
> I'll have my MBP run this night on the so long Collada build. But this 6-10 hours build time is the main reason I'm not updating it for each release...

Thanks mate. I can understand why such a long build process would
prevent the regular check-in of this library (and others). I wouldn't
ask except Nathan has recently finished a (really cool) add-on that
requires the use of the latest version of Blender. Graphicall builds are
missing Collada support and the main activity I'll be using this new
script with involves importing & exporting alot of Collada files.

> For OSX build, you normally don't have to build any external lib by yourself.
> You just need to checkout the lib folder corresponding to your architecture (e.g. darwin-9.x-universal) for 10.5+ builds. And it contains all the needed external libs.

I was hoping this was the case... and for all but the OpenCollada
libraries it seems to be the case. The only errors were some namespace
definition mix-ups. Sadly these were in the one set of functionality I
needed enough to build on OSX in the first place.

I would appreciate an email when this is checked in &/or there is a new
OSX build of Blender with Collada support :)


Benjamin Tolputt
Analyst Programmer

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