[Bf-committers] OpenCollada & SVN

Mike Sloman mikes at mikes.id.au
Sat Oct 23 10:00:07 CEST 2010

On 23/10/10 5:43 PM, Mike Sloman wrote:
> On 23/10/10 4:55 PM, Benjamin Tolputt wrote:
>> I've been trying to compile the SVN release of Blender on OSX without
>> success. There are errors in the darwin-9.xuniversal version of
>> OpenCollada (as checked out of SVN) that prevent compilation.
>> Is this because the library is out of date in SVN or the fact that CMake
>> is not supported (the build directions on the website do not indicate
>> this though).
> Hi Benajmin,
> yes the current SVN for opencollada is out of date. I have compiled and
> used r733 from opencollada after changing the scons file as instructed
> int he build instructyions and found that all is well after that.
> However I dont have write access to blender svn to upload it, so you
> have to build your own until whomever is responible for building for
> darwin uploads.
> Mike.

Oops make that r773 opencollada.  Have fun..it takes a long long time to 
build :(

Last commit log entry:::

r32280 | damien78 | 2010-10-04 03:53:39 +1030 (Mon, 04 Oct 2010) | 1 line

OSX/Cocoa 10.5 libs: update OpenCollada libs to rev. 769 + jesterKing patch

Happy to upload my build (darwin9xxxx) if someone gives me write access 
to the repository.

A few questions I have too:

1. Perhaps I have missed it... is there a wiki page that lists all the 
current third party lib versions required to build both the development 
head and stable releases??

2. For MAC builds this page


states that we need to build and use FFMPEG on the system, but the libs 
still have FFMPEG builds (which I am currently using).  Which is correct 
to do??



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