[Bf-committers] bf-extensions external scripts and inclusion of Exporter Framework

mindrones mindrones at gmail.com
Fri Oct 22 10:36:27 CEST 2010


-- intro --

lately I've been discussing a lot in about distributing LuxBlend, 
YafaBlend, GameKit (and maybe Blendigo) in bf-extensions.

It's bit tricky because of course these project are developed outside of 
bf-extensions svn and we don't want them to move on our svn for obvious 
reason. Also, some of these projects have a binary part which we don't 
want to distribute in an svn.

After long discussions and many proposals we agreed that these projects 
dump their scripts (python text files) in bf-extensions svn in a folder 
called extern/, here

This folder is not 'official' in the sense that it's not used for the 
release, but it will be used later to be able to distribute external 
projects scripts from within blender (more on this will come in later 
weeks, for now we're just setting up).


LuxBlend and Blendigo, developed by Doug Hammond, need "Exporter 
Framework", aka "EF", also developed by Doug Hammond:
1) http://ef.beulahelectronics.co.uk/

Campbell proposed that EF is included in blender so that other exporters 
can use it and I've been asked to write down a formal request for this.

If this is fine for other developers here, we'd put the script in 
bf-blender/release/scripts/modules and Doug Hammond would maintain it 
(if he gets access to bf-blender of course).





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