[Bf-committers] Sequencer movie strips frame rate - bug or missing feature?

Roger Wickes rogerwickes at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 21 23:05:40 CEST 2010

well its not a bug in the software; VSE renders out frames at the frame rate 

The disconnect is in the notion of using frames as a unit of measure
when the strip is read in. If a clip contains 100 non-interlaced frames, 
a 100 frames are read into the strip if you specify non-interlaced. The VSE does 
not care
if the framerate of that clip was 24 or 30 or 60 or whatever. 

If you want to change the framerate of a strip to get it to whatever relative 
output frame rate,
use the Speed control. If you want to render out 24 fps using a 30 fps clip 

and have the ball bounce like it should (or sync with spoken audio) etc, 
use a speed control of 30./24. on that strip.

I think what you are asking for is a feature whereby a strip holds its frame 

or maybe an auto-generated speed effect strip is created if the frame rates 
and when asked for an image at a particular time, constructs and returns the 
most appropriate frame, which is really what the speed effect does anyway.


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This is probably a misunderstanding.
There was nothing about converting the footage in the post, please read 
There was talk about the footage being read with wrong framerate,
depending on the output(!) frame rate of blender.


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