[Bf-committers] some Sequencer questions

Thomas thomas at heulfritze.de
Thu Oct 21 12:52:17 CEST 2010

i have some questions about Blender's sequencer, as i want to make 
myself a showreel and have to decide whether to use blender or kdenlive. 
I haven't done anything with kdenlive yet, but i am quite familiar with 
blender, though not with the sequence editor.
So my questions:
1: Is there anything like "cut", "insert" and "trim" edit modes? 
Following strips move along according to your mode.
2: Is it possible to display Audio-waveform for audioediting?
3: Is it possible to export a audio mixdown as wav? Haven't found out 
how to export audio only.
4: Is it possible to show the actual playback frame range? I'm sometimes 
not sure whether it plays realtime or not.
5: Is it possible to set the viewer zoom-factor to 100% (according to 
output-format)? I fiddle around with mouswheel zooming but am never sure 
about if i am at 100% or not.

That's it so far.


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