[Bf-committers] Sequencer movie strips frame rate - bug or missing feature?

Vilem Novak pildanovak at post.cz
Wed Oct 20 17:18:59 CEST 2010

I want ask one question.
If I load movie strips to sequencer, it synces audio with video correctly only when blender output frame rate is set to frame rate of the imported movie.
This makes it very hard to work with different movie sources.
It is strange that blender loads the audio with the correct length, but the strip length gets always adapted with a ratio 1 blender frame = 1 strip frame.
also, after changing blender's frame rate the strip length doesn't change any more, so the strip must have it's frame rate stored internally?
would it be possible to expose the frame rate of the strip, or even better, try to set up correct frame rate on load? This would be something like 'Interpret footage' feature in some editing softwares. 
Vilem N.

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