[Bf-committers] BTX (multires external files) autosave proposal

Juan Pablo Bouza jpbouza at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 20 07:39:09 CEST 2010


Currently there is an annoying issue with the way btx are saved... Apparently, Blender saves the BTX file everytime the autosave process runs, and that behavior may lead into several problems:

1) If you are in the middle of the sculpting process, the btx may be "autosaved" with sculpt changes that you may not want to be saved

2) If you are using the multires branch and you hit the "apply base" button, and then blender suddenly crashes, you may end up with a btx file that no longer corresponds to the mesh you had.

These are some of the problems I can think of now. The main issue comes when blender crashes, and you end up having an "unsynched" btx file... That's why I usually make manual btx backups.

Now, my proposal would be that the btx file is no longer saved with the autosave process, but only when you manually save the blend file. At the same time, the autosave process should write a btx1, btx2 (etc) file, just the same way it does with the blend files. 

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