[Bf-committers] [patch#24290] Blender failed to build when the game engine is disabled

Laurent CLOUET laurent.clouet at gmail.com
Sat Oct 16 16:49:30 CEST 2010

Yes, sorry
On my user-config.py i've set WITH_BF_GAMEENGINE to False, then have 
this error:
Compiling ==> 'view3d_view.c'
source/blender/editors/space_view3d/view3d_view.c: In function 
source/blender/editors/space_view3d/view3d_view.c:1831: error: ‘op’ 
undeclared (first use in this function)
source/blender/editors/space_view3d/view3d_view.c:1831: error: (Each 
undeclared identifier is reported only once
source/blender/editors/space_view3d/view3d_view.c:1831: error: for each 
function it appears in.)
source/blender/editors/space_view3d/view3d_view.c:1773: warning: unused 
parameter ‘C’
scons: *** 
[/usr/src/build/linux2/source/blender/editors/space_view3d/view3d_view.o] Error 
scons: building terminated because of errors.

(I've tried to build it on debian squeeze 32bits)

Best regards

Laurent Clouet

Le 16/10/2010 16:39, Campbell Barton a écrit :
> On Sat, Oct 16, 2010 at 2:28 PM, Laurent CLOUET
> <laurent.clouet at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Hello
>> I hope i did the right thing and i am in the right list.
>> Today i've try to build blender and it failed.
>> The patch #24290 fix it for me, i think the bug has been introduced by
>> svn32479.
>> Best regards
>> Laurent Clouet
> could you post the error your getting?
> its building ok here.

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