[Bf-committers] BGE Components Proposal

blendenzo blendenzo at blendenzo.com
Thu Oct 7 16:39:53 CEST 2010

Hi Mitchell,

I like this idea, but I do have a few questions/suggestions.

Regarding the outliner step:
I'm not so clear on why you want to put this "Data Mode" in the 
outliner.  Wouldn't it make more sense as a subcontext of the Logic window?

Regarding managing components and the UI:
In order to keep the UI as intuitive as possible, it makes sense to me 
to copy the functionality of existing functions in Blender.  From your 
description of components, it sounds like one could say "components are 
to game objects as textures are to materials."  However, (unlike 
textures) the individual options should be configurable per object.  In 
this way, components are very much like modifiers.

My suggestion would be that a components subcontext be added for 
registering scripts as components and setting global defaults.  This 
would look similar to the Textures subcontext (or the Addons window... 
see further thoughts below).  Additionally, I recommend adding a 
modifiers-like subcontext to the Logic Editor where these components 
could be applied and configured per object.

(Since I am proposing that components be treated like modifiers, we 
should anticipate that they will become popular with non-scripters as a 
method of adding script features like mouselook to their objects.  This 
is why I have suggested that global defaults be accessible via the UI.)

Further thoughts:
Components seem like they could end up becoming reusable building blocks 
which can be used from one .blend file to the next.  We should 
anticipate component sharing, and the desire to easily manage components 
in a library-like interface.  The "User Preferences >> Addons" window 
seems like a good template for this sort of management.  As in Addons, 
users should be able to install components (which will copy them to a 
predefined library folder such as 'blender/2.5x/scripts/components').  
Components could be sorted into categories and enabled per .blend file.  
Common components (mouse look, custom cursor, etc) could be bundled with 
Blender and maintained by developers.

I hope my feedback is helpful,

On 10/05/2010 11:58 PM, Mitchell Stokes wrote:
> I would like feedback on this proposal:
> http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/User:Moguri/BGE_Components_Proposal
> It is a proposal to add Unity-like "components" to the BGE. I plan to
> hopefully implement this soon, but as I said, I would like some feedback.
> Thanks,
> Mitchell Stokes (Moguri)
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