[Bf-committers] Goodbye & thanks for the scripts

Brendon Murphy meta.androcto1 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 01:28:32 CET 2010

Hi, after a long time promoting, helping & guiding people with Blender
pythion scripts, I am leaving.

I feel I can no longer do what I have done for years, without constant
interference & the blocking of my work.
This has caused much distress to me & to others whom I will no longer be
Sorry, but for over a year now I have been slowly pushed out.
Everything I do questioned & harrassed at every point.
As a voulenteer, I don't need to be treated poorly.
Congrat's to mindrones, you finally wore me down now I am gone.

If someone would like to send me the postal address of the Blender Institute
I will send via dvd the history of Blender scripts up to now. (8 years worth
of collected scripts)

Sorry to my friends.
I tried.

Brendon Murphy.

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