[Bf-committers] Have you seen this?? How to improve Blender

Prashant Sohani prashant.sohani at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 05:22:00 CET 2010

Well.. I am reviving this old thread.. The points raised in the presentation
were very valid; I think it's high time we act on some of them.

Has anybody a ready new home page for blender.org? If not, I volunteer to
redesign the homepage of Blender and any other parts that may be wanting a
complete overhaul. I have reasonably good skills in web development.
(I am just done with an exceptionally heavy semester, and have a month's
holiday ahead of me.)

And of course, anybody else willing to volunteer, is welcome as well :)

I'll create my own version on my website, and I'll post the link(s) in a new
thread.. people may comment on it etc.

In the meanwhile, let's start brainstorming about what we can do about the
other points raised in the same presentation.

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