[Bf-committers] S-DNA and Changes

Xavier Thomas xavier.thomas.1980 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 17:33:26 CET 2010


>  1. Write a "VSE 2" and create all-new structures?

Try to reuse the existing structures maybe modifying them. For some
big changes some DNA structs get deprecated and new one appears like
for the 2.5 animation system rewrite.

>  2. Create some kind of "compatibility loader" or data import filter
> that converts the old data to the new, as far as possible? That is, we
> read old and new formats, but only write new format.
>  3. Convert the old structs to the new in-memory? That is, we read and
> write the old format, maybe with some back-compatible changes, but use a
> new format internally?

There is a huge doversion() function in readfile.c that converts the
old file's DNA to new one.

So to resume:
- Even if you deprecate some DNA struct, do not erase them from the
source doversion() will need them
- Internally Blender will only knows of the new system/structure
except in the doversion().

In a more general point of view it would be best to make some design
plan and share them with the module maintainer before starting coding.

I think there are already some work beeing done to restructure
sequencer rendering but I it may be in a separate branch or patch.

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