[Bf-committers] New procedural texture: Planet

raulf at info.upr.edu.cu raulf at info.upr.edu.cu
Mon Nov 22 19:30:20 CET 2010

Thanks Tomas :)

  Yes, indeed will be very helpfull for your sci-fi project, as soon as
Lapinou upload it check my site http://farsthary.wordpress.com , I made
there a comparison with current textures to see their limitations.

    I will polish today the patch and will release it by tomorrow, hope it
will help you, is a fairly simple patch and will not disrrupt anything
in Blender

                                Cheers   Farsthary

> Hey Raul,
> this feature sounds just awesome! You have my full support on it!
> Something I wanted for 3 years... Can't wait to see images.
> cheers,
> Thomas
> Am 22.11.2010 16:33, schrieb raulf at info.upr.edu.cu:
>> Hi all :)
>>   This weekend I need to create a procedural planet for a local work, so
>> I
>> went straigth to tinkering with built in procedural textures, sadly
>> there
>> where no simple combination of procedurals that provide me satellite
>> like
>> view of planet surfaces, in order to achieve that a procedural should
>> have some desired properties:
>>    It should have iso - lines that remind same high levels, like coastal
>> lines or lines like rivers, erosion and features like that. (the closer
>> built in procedural that currently have similar features in Blender is
>> stucci at high octaves and turbulence and the magic one, but is not
>> enough
>> and are quite self similar at every scale)
>>    It should be fractal like but should not be very similar among scales
>> because otherwise you get very similar and smooth detail at every scale
>> (like currently happen with Cloud porcedural)
>>    It should provide detail enough at all scales in order to avoid
>> increasing the number of noise octaves beyond wthat's currently blender
>> have built in, for planet surfaces extremely close shorts should be made
>> to the surface or build very big spheres, and from far away any
>> smoothness
>> will be inmediately spotted.
>>    The usual approach is to use lots of layers and composited
>> procedurals
>> in order to achive that, with the corresponding slow down, and trial and
>> error approach or use some of the excelent directly aviable satellite
>> pictures of planets (not an option for people offline like me).
>>   So I end up creating a new procedural: "Planet" texture, that has all
>> the
>> needed features and more, it provides enough detail at every scale and
>> more important, is not very similar at different scales so zooming in
>> will give you an entirely different view with new details and features
>> in
>> the terrain, it also have iso-lines and features that simulate erosion,
>> rivers, platforms, and more , all using a single proce

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