[Bf-committers] bind poses in Blender for the Collada 1.4.1

Benjamin Tolputt btolputt at internode.on.net
Sun Nov 21 15:19:02 CET 2010

On 21/11/2010 12:27 PM, Toni Alatalo wrote:
> AFAIK that Collada person at Katalabs has worked on OpenCollada, which is exactly the library that Blender 2.5 uses for the new Collada support there. That is what that the previous posts were pointing at. If  I understood correctly, the guy who was testing it now here (at our company Playsign, for the same GLGE engine that Katalabs uses BTW) reported that Blender 2.55 beta did export skeletal animations in Collada .. some of them didn't work right in GLGE but that can be another story.

This is similar to my importing experience. The reason for there being
any Poser input is that the animations coming from Maya have animation
data in them, but that Blender doesn't seem to understand it. The
animation curves coming from Poser (which my hired artist happens to
sell content for, so knew how to use) seem to import fine so long as IK
was not used, but taking those animations into DAZ Studio and then
export them from there worked "perfectly" (only minor tweaks needed in
Blender). Both the Poser & DAZ animations imported just fine (IK or not)
into Maya from a Collada file - so I am positive this is a Blender issue.

So, as I mentioned before, there is some temperamental support for
animation so long as you work at it. I'd be VERY happy should the
animation support be made less "picky" though :)


Benjamin Tolputt
Analyst Programmer

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