[Bf-committers] extension clause

Doug Ollivier doug at flipdesign.co.nz
Thu Nov 18 00:33:34 CET 2010

On 18/11/2010 11:40 a.m., Ivailo Stoimenov wrote:
> A have some questions...
> Which part of Blender will an extension use?
> If it just has access to an API which provides user data (mesh data,
> materials and such) and a way to return some processed data to Blender so
> this extension is independent work.
> If it doesnot use some or Blenders internal libs (render calls, modifier
> code, ...) it depends of the data and not Blender itself.
> And the data is not GPL... so where is the problem?
It doesn't matter,

Its about finding a way for commercial extensions to "socially" co-exist 
within the Blender philosophy / community.

There would of course be no way for the Blender Foundation to restrict 
the distribution of plug-ins / extensions.
However, there is a clear opportunity for the BF to financially benefit 
from the distribution of "commercial extensions" through Blender.org 
which is the BF's key asset.

In doing so it may remove some animosity towards commercial extensions 
within the community, since profits are coming back into future development.

Nothing to do with the GPL, but all to do with some attitudes that have 
been presented during this discussion.

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