[Bf-committers] New blog: code.blender.org (proposal)

Thomas Dinges dingto at gmx.de
Thu Nov 11 14:36:58 CET 2010

I also love the idea!

For about 1 year I am thinking of creating my own blog to put some 
information about the UI in there etc but never actually did it! :)
So i would use code.blender.org and I think it is a good idea!


Am 11.11.2010 04:20, schrieb Dalai Felinto:
> I loved the idea.
> Not an aggregator but a coletive blog.
> I see myself using it to (1) help demonstrating new features (what we
> sometimes end up doing in the release log), (2) thinking out loud (sketching
> out ideas, sharing some thoughts on the future of some areas of BGE/Blender
>   (3) replying to questions on how to use this of that feature (instead of
> doing that in emails / irc).
> It doesn't have to be structured and organized as wiki, so it can be pretty
> easy to add news there.
> Great idea Ton,
> Dalai

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