[Bf-committers] Ton's r32966 Fix for "temp" screen settings

Mike S blenderdev at mikes.id.au
Wed Nov 10 01:57:59 CET 2010

Hi Ton et al,

Hooray! for the fix accidentaly clicking on a temp* and having to quit 
blender to get out of it was a pain.

With the "only one temp screen" at a time method used it does cause some 
visual strangeness when trying to view user prefs window after having 
rendered (using "new window" option) as the render window is deleted.   
Perhaps a call to screen refresh (all areas) might be in order after the 
window delete. Otherwise you have to move the mouse around to trigger a 
cleanup on each area. See http://www.pasteall.org/pic/6900  just after a 
user prefs window was opened after the "new window" render was done.  
Doing it the other way around also produces some visual disturbance but 
not so bad.


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