[Bf-committers] Have you seen this?? How to improve Blender

Knapp magick.crow at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 22:56:51 CET 2010

I just read this and it is great and right on, IMOHO.  I hope all the
devs read this and take it to heart. I think we should all be running
to implement these ideas!!!

I first found blender about 12 years ago. I downloaded it, started it
and was completely STUCK!! I turned it off (even had a hard time doing
that!) and did not try again for 5 years.

The next time I restarted because I ran into graybeards vids and
wanted to make a video game. I thought maybe Blender hand grown up a
bit. I also had a faster computer that make it work much better. His
vid tuts got me over the hump of the great but incredibly hard to
comprehend mouse and GUI interface.  Within months I was wishing that
all software hand the same interface. It is so much better than
anything I had used before in any software, once I got over the
complete novelty and non-standardness of it. I am still not completely
sure 2.5 is an improvement is some areas! (but over all it is and I
find it hard to go back now. It still needs a lot of smoothing out and
polish as do all new software projects.)

The next problem was getting better at it. This only happened because
I got lucky one day googling something and found another vid tutorial
that took my blender work up another notch. This has repeated many
times since then but it has alway been a VERY lucky find my jumping
hotlinks or lucky googling or tips from IRC or whatever. All this
should be on the main web site and EASY to find for new users. Half
the time I can't find the tuts that I liked after I found them in the
first place. This can not remain this way if we are to grow up and
take over the 3d world. :-)

A last word; I would LOVE to see a ManCandy 2 done with Blender 2.5!!
This was the last learning tool that REALLY got the lead out and made
blender usable for me!

Douglas E Knapp

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