[Bf-committers] New blog: code.blender.org (proposal)

Sergey Kurdakov sergey.forum at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 07:24:10 CET 2010


I think blog is a good idea,

just a thought that in addition to blog there could be some 'draft' info pages
looks like systems like tikiwiki could provide that ( in version 6 )
so blog post might have attached links to wiki pages ( though they
could link to current wiki ) and forums, where some more info might be
presented and discussed.

But for timebeing - just only a dev blog could be a good try,
also those who participates, say in soc, maybe would be able to  share
their thought ideas, etc - so that they keep to be in touch with the
team and attract new devs  to extend existing code in number of ways (
I think that with adoption of Blender in different studios ( with
integration of good collada support, for example ) will provide a
whole lot of qualified devs, who just need to get idea what to develop
next ).

so I do not think that there is need in something big or too
complicated, and blog will be quite a good thing to share dev ideas
from time to time


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