[Bf-committers] New blog: code.blender.org (proposal)

Gustav Göransson gustav.goransson at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 20:23:38 CET 2010

Can't it be both? Provide a blogging service for devs that don't have one
and aggregate developer blog hosted elsewhere. Developers that already have
blogs might want to keep them, and also blog about non-blender related
things (code.blender.org could then only agreggate blog post related to
blender development).


On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 19:48, Alex Combas <blenderwell at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 9:25 AM, Bassam Kurdali <bkurdali at freefactory.org
> >wrote:
> > as an alternative, you could consider an aggregator, like what
> > jesterking made in planetblender, or planet.gnome.org, etc.
> >
> We already have two nearly identical aggregators (blendernation.com and
> planetblender.org), what value
> would creating a third aggregator bring the community? Nearly none in my
> opinion.
> I'm not affiliated with blendernation.com or planetblender.org in anyway,
> so
> do not think I am trying to discourage
> competition or protect them, I just honestly do not see the value in a
> third
> aggregator.
> I think what Ton has proposed for code.blender.org is a great idea.
> As Ton said, he would not force people to use it so if developers already
> have their own blogs then they
> would be free to continue to publish to their own blogs if they want.
> What Ton proposes would actually add value by encouraging developers who
> are
> not blogging
> to give it a try, and also to encourage developers with low traffic blogs
> to
> move a more
> mainstream blogging channel and thus get more exposure.
> As someone just starting to look into blender development, but who has been
> following the
> blender community for a long while, I'm really happy to hear this
> announcement.
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