[Bf-committers] Trunk compile scons/msvc broken on windows due to changes in blf_glyph.c

GSR gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com
Mon Nov 1 18:35:40 CET 2010

dingto at gmx.de (2010-11-01 at 1100.23 +0100):
> Hey gsrb3d,
> i get the errors:
> source\blender\blenfont\intern\blf_glyph.c(39) : error C2006: 
> '#include': Datein
> amen erwartet, aber 'Bezeichner' gefunden
> source\blender\blenfont\intern\blf_glyph.c(39) : fatal error C1083: 
> Datei (Inclu
> de) kann nicht geöffnet werden: "": No such file or directory
> scons: *** 
> [D:\blender_dev\code\build\trunk\source\blender\blenfont\intern\blf_g
> lyph.obj] Error 2
> scons: building terminated because of errors.

Yeah, thanks, got a similar report via private mail.

The problem is that Blender's freetype (the one under lib/windows/) is
an ancient version, 2.1.7 from 2004-02-12. So two options: someone
with MSWindows updates the lib to a version with the functions, which
means at least 2.1.10, or if not possible in near future, I will
recommit with #ifdef.

To get some perspective of the versions: newest is 2.4.3 from
2010-10-03, Debian Stable has 2.3.7 from 2008-06-29, Blender's
lib/darwin-9.x.universal/ has 2.3.9 from 2009-03-12,
lib/darwin-8.x.i386/ has 2.1.10 from 2005-06-12 and lib/windows64/ has
2.3.5 from 2007-07-02.


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