[Bf-committers] iksolver_plugin.c error, MSVC 2010 express project files.

Pacific Morrowind pacificmorrowind at gmail.com
Mon Mar 29 11:10:56 CEST 2010

Cmake finally (been downloading since late this afternoon when first 
suggested here - on terrible dialup) downloaded, and I've installed it 
and ran it and after a two tries got it running... now down to 3 failed 
projects in the build, which I'll attempt to figure out what is wrong 
with. Unless someone thinks I'm not a good person (due to my 
inexperience I would guess) I'll write up a section on the 2.5/windows 
build instructions for CMake/MSVC 2010, as soon as I figure out the last 
couple projects.
Thanks for all your help everyone.
Pacific Morrowind
On 29/03/2010 1:03 AM, Pacific Morrowind wrote:
> okay thanks for the info... though that really (imo) should be better 
> recorded on the windows/Blender 2.5 build instructions page 
> (http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:2.5/Doc/Building_Blender/Windows); 
> cmake is about as mentioned there as a runner up in a news report of 
> the olympics...
> The header not being found was when I had a fair number of errors (ie 
> 12000 lines of build log) so was building individual packages at a 
> time so that I could more easily find and fix problems.
> Thanks again and I'll report back when I get cmake up and running for me;
> Pacific Morrowind/Nick
> On 29/03/2010 12:57 AM, Benoit Bolsee wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The MSVC 2008 project files are maintained by myself and Andrea (more
>> Andrea these days). Personnally, I am not interested in supporting 2010
>> project files, because it takes some time and because cmake should be
>> able to build usable project files at this time (previously, working
>> debug builds couldn't be done with cmake, but I fixed that problem some
>> time ago). So I would definately advise you to check cmake and report
>> any problem with it.
>> To comment on your specific question, I would be surprised if the 2008
>> project files couldn't be used directly in MSVC 2010: the conversion
>> show be smooth and easy. The include problem that you have is related to
>> an oddity in these projects that's coming from the past: the INT_
>> projects, which correspond to the intern directory, copy their public
>> include files to a ..\build\msvc_9\intern\<project>\include directory
>> where the other projects are finding them. So you just need to build the
>> INT_ project first. Again, I'm surprised that you had the problem
>> because the automatic build order should take care of that.
>> /benoit

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