[Bf-committers] my GSOC project idea

shuvro sarker shuvro05 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 27 04:12:24 CET 2010


Here I am listing two project ideas for GSOC.
Your opinion about which to select , modification idea about the scope of
these projects will be very much helpful.
If you find some ideas that are not feasible or sth important relating to
these topics that are not listed here please tell about that.
I have little more preference for the first one. :) So I am listing it

*Idea 1 : Improvement of Game Engine Python API*

1.providing syntaxes similar to  these -

    a. *scene.meshes["meshName"]*

    b. *meshI.material.textures["myTexVar"] = loadedTexture  *

    this is for *KX_MeshProxy* class.Like textures the options for setting
these properties
    can also be included.

   -     The Blender material.
   -     The Tile properties
   -     The face properties - (From the "Texture Face" panel)
   -     Transparency & z sorting
   -     Light layer
   -     Polygon shape (triangle/quad)

    so In general the syntax may be
    mesh.material.propertyName["Var"] = propertyValue

    c. * scene.object_instance("name")  *

2. a collisionList may be useful.
collisionList = references of those objects colliding with the player

3.Removing some limitations:

   -    access scales for the orthographic camera
   -    turn slow parent on and off
   -    test getVertex() and solve if there is some problems with it.
   -    adding play/pause sound actuator

4.Some genereric methods for path finding/searching/other AI:

there should be a standard for a path.It be a graph of vertices (edges
between them).
So the generic methods may be -

   -  *  graph = makeGraph(pathMesh)*
   -  *  graph.node[index].adjacentNodes()*   // The function will
   precalculate the adjacency lists of nodes and return them during function
   -  *  graph.node[index].cost(destNode)*    // This will return the cost
   between index node and dest node.they can be calculate by the distances
   between the nodes.
   -   There may be support for some built in heuristics function also.

5.developing an easy way to access external programs(e.g. Browser,irc chat

*Idea 2 : Improved DDS support for Blender and BGE*

BGE currently support dds.But not really takes any advantage of its format.
it has some problems also (e.g.

So the scope of the project may be -

   1. Fix  bug of current dds support
   2. make BGE support for proper dds compression.
   3. UV/Image Editor operator to convert image as .DDS
   4. Option to convert internal textures to dds (at load time).

There is a very tiny C library that can work with DDS and some of its
compression format.
It is named as SOIL library( http://lonesock.net/soil.html ).If this library
seems promising
it can be a starting point for the project.


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