[Bf-committers] new UV test grid

Paolo Ciccone phciccone at gmail.com
Fri Mar 26 20:58:49 CET 2010

Jason, I just sent you a PM, I'm taking already too much space here. BTW,
just wanted to add that what I'm advocating for is not a replacement
solution but an additional option integrated in Blender's menu system.
Static and procedural checkers can coexist.

Paolo Ciccone

On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 12:00 PM, Jason van Gumster <
jason at handturkeystudios.com> wrote:

> Paolo Ciccone <phciccone at gmail.com> wrote:
> > I think that we are getting too worried for just a few added kilobytes.
> > That's hardly "bloating" the install. A few of grids in JPEG. In this day
> an
> > age we should not worry so much for such size.
> I've been following this thread and it occurs to me that you're choosing
> the
> wrong topic to bring up an issue of user friendliness. Perhaps I'm missing
> something, but this seems like a gigantic non-issue. There's nothing
> stopping
> you from using any image you'd like as your custom UV test grid.
> Procedurally
> generated grids save space and provide greater flexibility to users (like
> you
> and me) to arbitrarily set the grid size to anything we want. Now, there
> may be
> an argument for providing preset size values for common UV map sizes that
> can
> be generated, but I fail to see how reducing the flexibility (that users
> want)
> of UV grid creation while simultaneously increasing the download size
> (however
> marginally) of Blender is step toward user friendliness.
> You raise some interesting and valid points about usability, but I'm really
> struggling to see how your original suggestion is supporting those points.
> If I'm missing something, please clarify it for me.
>  -Fweeb
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