[Bf-committers] new UV test grid

Mats Holmberg mats.holmberg at 2me.fi
Fri Mar 26 18:30:17 CET 2010

And as always, why would "made for the professional" mean that it needs to be userUNfriendly? The so called 'pros' who want to do things the hard way, are in fact no pros at all. If one does real work, one has to deal with real deadlines, and will appreciate everything that makes life easier.  And Apple is not synonymous to user friendly.


On 26.3.2010, at 18.38, loopduplicate at burningtoken.com wrote:

> Blender is made for the professional, not for the average computer 
> user.  It reminds me nothing of an Apple application and that makes me 
> happy.
> On 3/26/2010 8:57 AM, Paolo Ciccone wrote:
>> This is (about) how friendly Blender is "out of the box" for the average
>> user.
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