[Bf-committers] Interest in GSoC 2010 topics: 1. "Integrate PTex texture mapping library" 2. "Unit tests"

Brecht Van Lommel brecht at blender.org
Wed Mar 24 13:59:05 CET 2010

Hi Konrad,

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 1:14 PM, Konrad Wilhelm Kleine
<konrad at konradwilhelm.de> wrote:
> Concerning "multires sculpting", are you thinking of an adaptive mesh
> resolution depending on the sculpting detail or do you think of a
> specific increase of the Ptex "texture" file for the faces the artist is
> working on?
> The way I know blender, it "only" has different "mesh resolutions" for
> the whole mesh and not for individual faces, right? Am I mixing things
> up here? Probably by "multires sculpting" you meant the ability to use
> Ptex with a multires mesh and using appropriate Ptex detail level for
> the mesh's current subdivision level, right?
> On the other hand, it wouldn't make sense to increase the level of
> detail of the whole Ptex file if the mesh resolution is increased. That
> would be a waste memory, right?

Yes, integrating Ptex may not actually require any changes to the
sculpting code, just multires. Currently Blender's subdivision
surfaces / multires do not support adaptive subdivision, so they would
not be able to take advantage of that Ptex feature yet. Although you
could store a lower resolution than you sculpt for some faces, it just
wouldn't have advantage while sculpting but would save memory/disk
space outside of that. Alternatively adaptive subdivision support
could also be a part of a summer of code project, though I may already
work on the rendering part of that for Durian, that's unknown still.


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