[Bf-committers] Improving Blender for Architecture Works

blendman blendman at free.fr
Wed Mar 24 10:41:35 CET 2010

>> > 1. Option to easily make  Solid walls with thickness (custom) and 
>> > height
>> Do you mean like the walls Objects in 3Dsmax ? (Normal wall, L wall, U
>> wall,
>> etc) ?
> yes. like those options from 3dsmax.

In blender 2.5.2, you have some new cool features named "add ons" (which 
were "add scripts" in the preview vblender version (2.49, 2.4x)) :
With these add ons, you can add some tools like :
- pipe
- gears
- 3D fonctions surface
- measure panel
- etc..

There is an add ons for a wall with a hole named "Sqorus".
You could go here (the thread is old) and discuss about the idea to have 
some options for the wall like L, U, normal (without hole) for the wall ;) :

the add ons for the 2.5 :

>> > 4. Option to  Connect 2 parallel lines with horizontal line from centre
>> I don't understand, can you explain that, please ?
>> i just meant that if there are 2 lines parallel, and if we need to 
>> connect
> them ,  this option can do..

with blender 2.49, you can use the script "connect tools" to connect some 
vertices with others.
It's a simple a really great script (like bridge in lightwave for example).
it's easy to connect two lines of vertices and create all the faces between 

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