[Bf-committers] Improving Blender for Architecture Works

blendman blendman at free.fr
Wed Mar 24 09:05:23 CET 2010


I think that you can already do these things in blender;-)

> 1. Option to easily make  Solid walls with thickness (custom) and height

Do you mean like the walls Objects in 3Dsmax ? (Normal wall, L wall, U wall, 
etc) ?

> 2. Calculate area of a selected face

You can calculate the area of a face with blender 2.49 :
- selected an object
- enter edit mode (tab)
- clic on a face or several faces (to select these faces)
- in the editing panel, clic on the "face area" button ;)

> 3.  Selecting coplanar faces with one click on face

Not only with one clic but easy :
- clic on a face
- ctrl+shift+alt + F >> select the linked flat  face (you can change the 

> 4. Option to  Connect 2 parallel lines with horizontal line from centre

I don't understand, can you explain that, please ?

> 5. Option to auto merge vertexes below a distance of 0.5 BU

automerge exist in blender ;)
in the mesh menu :
- automerge

You can change the distance with the limit button (F9 panel) (edit mode).
I think,  but I'm not sur, that limit :1 = 5BU

I hope that can help you.
Sorry for my english.


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