[Bf-committers] spacebar and hotkeys

Matt Ebb matt at mke3.net
Tue Mar 23 03:13:20 CET 2010

This has been mentioned a couple of times before, but anyway - Most of  
these things mentioned are still on the todo to be re-implemented  
properly. The toolbox will come back, but it needs some more design  
and coding to determine exactly in what form. Currently the focus is  
on stabilising what's in 2.5 right now, rather than adding new things.  
Once it's settled down a bit, we can then continue with adding new  

The 'hotkey reference' script wasn't removed, it's just hasn't been  
implemented to begin with in 2.5. And it probably may not need to be  
either, all hotkeys are shown next to their associated menu items, in  
tooltips of operator buttons, and in the operator search menu.


On 23/03/2010, at 13:03 , Mike Stramba wrote:

> So the spacebar has been the "master" hotkey for .. what 10 ..15  
> years?
> But now in 2.5 it's apparently better / more efficient to use SH- 
> A ????
> How the heck do I change spacebar back to the "old" functionality.
> The user preferences  / key map window is more complicated than an F16
> cockpit ;)
> And likewise, the hotkeys F4-F10 have been removed / changed from the
> buttons window .. er "properties" window.   Can they also be mapped
> back to "pre 2.5" behavior?
> And just to put the icing on the case, not only have the hotkeys been
> changed, but the hotkey reference has been removed from the help menu.
>  That was a really good idea :/
> Mike
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