[Bf-committers] Addition of WindowManager.invoke_props_dialog()

Richard Olsson r at richardolsson.se
Sat Mar 20 13:48:54 CET 2010


I've been porting a script that existed in 2.49 to 2.5, and realized  
that there might sometimes be a need for operators to open property  
dialogs, e.g. popups that don't execute the operator until the user  
clicks an "OK" button. I discussed what would be a good solution with  
Campbell and eventually came up with this. I've uploaded patch #21680  
which adds the invoke_props_dialog() python metod, which will open  
such a popup.

The popup works exactly like the one created by invoke_props_popup()  
(code is very similar) except it also adds an OK button. Instead of  
executing the operator everytime a property changes, it will only  
execute it once the OK button is clicked, at which point it will also  
close the dialog, and show any pending reports.

I'm attaching the patch here as well. I appreciate all comments, as  
I'm new to blender development and very eager to learn and to improve  
as a contributor!

/Richard Olsson

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