[Bf-committers] Python sandbox

§ĥřïñïďĥï Ŗäö shrinidhi666 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 18 05:09:27 CET 2010

This is my very first mail to this list . I am not a developer but I thought
i will put my 2 cents here since I felt that this discussion is a waste of
time for many reasons .
1: +100 for Brecth and his opinion (He is perfectly right !!)
2: sanboxing blender will make it unusable  in large pipelines where we need
blender to be integrated with other softwares and also need to do a lot of
automatic IO (this includes IO to databases and in  renderfarm too which can
be used for other than just rendering out images )

Well . i might be wrong here completely . but i dont think maya / houdini or
anyother softwares that use python has some sense of security (what might be
a security issue , actually may be a boon for many users ) . . Trust me .
the more we try to restrict a system the more unusable it becomes for
serious work. Its just that we have to trust the code that we use .This can
be accomplished through warnings and the ability to disable autoloading .
But again there should be an option to disable it too . Else blender will
stay a hobbyist software and will never be used in serious pipelines where
many tasks needs to be automated .  Restricting isnt a solution.


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