[Bf-committers] set "F6" pop-up-panel to pop-up automatically by User Preference's selection

GSR gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com
Wed Mar 17 20:28:33 CET 2010

billrey at me.com (2010-03-17 at 1816.35 +0100):
> So, the concept we talked about back then was to make sure the user
> is always presented with these controls, even if the toolbar is
> hidden, but keep the non-blocking aspect. One way to do this would
> be to open a floating panel, much like 2.49, which would
> automatically appear whenever the user enables a new tool, but only
> if the toolbar is closed. That way the user always has access to
> these vital controls while always optimizing to screen space.
> Here's a mockup to illustrate: http://www.reynish.com/files/blender25/tweak_operator.png

The only difference with popups is that they require big mouse move to
be reached (instead of appearing near/under cursor, fastest by Fitt's
law) and precise click for closing (instead of shake your mouse, like
a throw away gesture). And vs the toolbar, that it uses only part of
the side and appears and vanishes automatically.

I start to wonder if popups were not so bad after all, but I can be
sure I am not the only that never had issues with popups, but dislike
extra scrolling and clicking, otherwise this thread would had not


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