[Bf-committers] set "F6" pop-up-panel to pop-up automatically by User Preference's selection

Seppo Tukiainen stuman at windowslive.com
Mon Mar 15 19:05:08 CET 2010




When adding objects or modifiers, etc. into the project, their properties has to be adjusted by the left side "T" panel's bottom area.

Most cases one has to scroll panel up and down to find correct parameter, or press "F6" to bring pop-up-panel at the cursor position and make the adjustments in there.


Can it be possible to make this pop-up-panel to appear automatically on the screen. This can happen in those cases where there are settable parameters needed?

In the User Preference there can be a selection for automatic pop-up! 


I find parameter settings with this pop-up-panel are more clear an easy to use.


br:  Seppo
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