[Bf-committers] Developer IRC meeting minutes, march 7, 2010

Carsten Wartmann cw at blenderbuch.de
Sun Mar 7 19:59:28 CET 2010

Am 07.03.2010 17:26, schrieb Ton Roosendaal:
> Hi all,
> - Two very cool new features: Brecht added 'per render-tile
> subdivision', which gives micropolygon quality displacements. Campbell

This is in his render branch I guess?

> added a tool to have quick camera-remapping of textures possible, via
> GIMP even!

Does this (cool) feature broke projection paint? I tried some projection 
paint today but no matter what UV layer I used as source the first 
seemed to be used.

I know that I succesfully used projection paint in 2.5 some weeks ago, 
but maybe the mass of projection painting (reconstruction of broken 
ancient vases) I did in the last days with Blender 2.49 burned my head 
and I made a mistake...

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