[Bf-committers] Blender Projects: Blender Extensions Add-Ons (scripts/plugins).

Brendon Murphy meta.androcto1 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 15:16:31 CET 2010


I need to cover a few things here, I'll try to be concise, but it's a big

How to share/distribute & maintain scrips & plugs

Jesterking, Mindrones, Myself (meta-androcto) & others have been working on
infrastructure for the handling of scripts and plugins.
The intention of this project is to provide a safe, friendly & simple system
to handle trusted external scripts and plugins ("extensions") & their

This system has been developed & negotiated over a few months now (since
August 2009)...

Terminology: when putting up this system we agreed to use the term
"extensions" to refer to "scripts" or "plugin" indifferently.

This is the page of the project
There you can find some trackers, where developers can add their scripts.
It is the same system we all are using for filing bug reports or patches,
but instead, extensions developers will file scripts and plugins.
Admins are currently, Jesterking, Ideasman42, Meta-Androcto and Mindrones.


The system is simple.
If you are a Script/Plugin Developer, You upload your script here:
This is where you can post increasing versions your script, let others
download it and take a look, comment & get your script ready for inclusion
in the Contrib section.


When an extension is judged useful, stable and safe for sharing, two things
 * The script page moves from UPLOAD tracker to CONTRIB tracker (much like
when a bug report is considered a Todo and people move it to the TODO
 * Author of the script is granted access to the bf-extensions svn
   and the script is uploaded by him or by an admin to the svn tree under
the contrib/ folder
This communicates that the script is considered safe, so:
The extensions classified as "contrib" must be stable, useful & non
destructive to Blender Internal Scripts, unless prior agreement is reached
with Ideasman or BF devs.

The scripts/plugins have to be licensed correctly & will be thoroughly
At this point this author has no permission yet to put the script under the
trunk/ folder in svn.
Trusted Authors are still asked to update their scripts in Extensions
Contrib Tracker even after they are granted access to Extensions SVN.
Although we are looking at automating some processes atm to match Extensions
Trackers & SVN.


This section is for extensions that are released with Blender in the addons

When an extension is accepted for inclusion in official blender's svn, two
things happen:
 - we move the extension page to the RELEASE Tracker
 - we move the script from the contrib/ folder to
Thus, that extension will be available checking out the bf-blender svn tree.

A note of explanation about the mechanism used to share extensions beetween
bf-extensions svn tree and bf-blender svn tree.
The goal is to make so that when people do a svn checkout they get certain
scripts from bf-blender and some others from bf-extensions.
By now, doing a svn checkout, the folder
will be picked up from
transparently, that is, without user's setup.
All the other scripts and plugins will still be taken from

Please don't upload scripts to CONTRIB or RELEASE trackers, use UPLOAD
trackers instead.
Contrib and Release trackers will be used as explained above.
I will remove scripts from this svn at will if they don't meet standards.
Any malicious code & the Dev will be immediately banned until an explanation
is provided and accepted (unlikely!)
You will be tried & hung by your peers. Be Warned.

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