[Bf-committers] Text editor: "tab as space" as default? do we really need to push PEP8 that way?

Pacific Morrowind pacificmorrowind at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 09:13:20 CET 2010

Well I think it is time for my first post on this listserve; since I am 
significantly in favour one way or the other for this issue.
I definitely think that tabs should auto be converted to spaces; most 
recent Python dev will (and all SHOULD) be using spaces, many editors 
(ie Notepad++) will automatically if you tell them to use spaces convert 
the tabs to 4 space (or whatever you select).

It allows easier copy and pasting as well :) and good to follow the 
official suggestions in more places so that all Python scripts are in 
the prefered manner rather than some places in some styles and some 
places in other styles..
At least thats my 2 cents.
Pacific Morrowind

On 04/03/2010 11:03 AM, Dalai Felinto wrote:
> Hi there,
> do we really need to have "Tab as Space" as the default in Text Editor?
> > From revision 26077: "new textblocks have tabs as spaces enabled by default
> since this is blenders default."
> I really don't want to start a PEP8 discussion here, but simply to give my
> opinion on that. Shouldn't the default leads to expected results in oppose
> to "what is happening with my tabs"?
> Personally I think it's better (and it's what I'm going to use locally) to
> have tabs_as_spaces=False for new and open text files.
> However since people will probably disagree, how about this:
> to have tabs_as_spaces=True  for new files (text.c::add_empty_text)
> to have tabs_as_spaces=False for open files (text.c::add_text)
> Cheers,
> Dalai
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